The Moynihan Report: 50 Years Later


Moynihan_Flyer_QRCode_v2The Georgetown Journal of Law and Modern Critical Race Perspectives is excited to announce its 2015 Symposium, “The Moynihan Report: 50 Years Later.” The event will be held at Georgetown’s Law Center (600 New Jersey Ave. NW, Washington, DC) in the Gewirz Student Center on the 12th floor from 10am-4pm

Breakfast and lunch will be provided. 

The Symposium is broken into 3 different segments (10am-12pm: Introduction & Critiques of the Moynihan Report, 12-1pm: Criminal Justice System & Violence, 2:30-4pm: The Black Family). If you are able to attend the entire symposium or even one panel of the three, please RSVP.

In 1965, the Department of Labor released a report titled, “The Negro Family: The Case for National Action,” authored by Sen. Daniel Moynihan. The report argued that the decline of nuclear families in the black community would lead to high levels of poverty and that combating poverty required strengthening families, especially Black men.

Fifty years after the release of this controversial report, the MCRP journal will evaluate, through the lens of modern critical race theorists, if the same themes still plague the black community, enabling poverty to thrive, and if so, why. Panelists will discuss the shifting notion of “family” throughout the years, the education system, employment, and violence between minorities and law enforcement. This symposium will bring together leading scholars and practitioners that can help break down these overarching topics that are so often discussed in relation to the black community. Come join us for thought-provoking conversation and lively debate on topics that are still very relevant to us today.


Georgetown’s Paul Butler




Gary Peller, Georgetown Law

Anthony Cook, Georgetown Law

Lisa Crooms, Howard University

Wendy Greene, Samford University

Spencer Overton, George Washington University

Donald Tibbs, Drexel University

Justin Hansford, St. Louis University

Verna Williams, University of Cincinnati

Reginald Robinson, Howard University


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